Amazing graze

Gone are the days when cheese platters were a few Ritz crackers and cheddar cheese cubes tossed on a plate Combining quality produce, lovely aesthetics and gorgeous flavour combinations, each of our platters consist of a carefully curated selection of fresh fruits, fine cheese, nuts, gourmet crackers, chocolate, homemade dips and a host of other treats



Grazing platter . Feeds 10 . £120
Breakfast platter . Feeds 10 . £96

Seasonal Platters
Easter Platter . Feeds 10 . £130
Easter Platter . Feeds 15 . £180

Bamboo plates . £3 for 10
China plate hire . £10 for 10
Wooden forks . £2 for 10




Ideal for making an impression

“Unbelievable in terms of both imagination and execution. Delicious platters with amazing presentation; ideal for making an impression.”

— R.S.

The highest quality of products

“Such a beautiful spread with the highest quality of products and original ingredients! I was incredibly impressed with such an artful yet seemingly effortless layout!”

— H.R.


“Very professional and worth every penny! Would definitely recommend for businesses that are looking for catering services with good time management and amazing food.”

— B.H.